Reiki is a Japanese word in two parts rei, meaning soul or spirit and ki, meaning energy. Reiki is flows through the practitioners and by placing the hands above or directly on the body reiki then flows in the patients body reiki radiates the body and soul to allow it to heal itself. There are many different styles of reiki but during the treatment expect to experience a warmth, tingling or just complete relaxation. The treatment is non-evasive so you keep your clothes on but remove your jewery and shoes.


James works in a traditional Japanese style. He spends time on the head, shoulders and heart. This allows the areas most needed to come to the surface. He works with hands on and off.











  • Reduces stress and increases relaxation

  • Therapeutically helps mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  • Initiates the bodies own healing mechanism


£30 for 30 minutes

£40 for 60 minutes

£55 for 90 minutes


James Woodward