Be Tranquil


01227 742945

Opening Hours


Monday ~ Closed

Tuesdays ~ 9am - 6pm

Wednesday ~ 9am - 6pm

Thursday ~ Closed

Friday ~ 9

Saturday ~ 9.30am - 4pm

Sunday ~ Closed

This is a small therapy space centred on health and well being using a range of different therapies that restores physical health through massage or aromatherapy and spiritual health with reiki.


We are a group of therapists who would use

The Tranquility Space for therapies and to run workshops or classes. This can range from yoga, pilates, mindfulness meditation, acupuncture, massage, reiki and many others. We are qualified and insured therapists. We work together and refer patients to each other for the appropriate treatment or class to strengthen your recovery back into a state of health and well being.


The logo is of a lotus flower, it immerges from the mud at the bottom of a river or lake. The lotus is like a transformation as it floats on the surface and absorbs the light of the sun and lets go of the heavy mud. In Homer's Odyssey when the lotus was eaten they forgot who they were.


The Tranquility Space is for transformation through

through health and a way of letting go of the stress and chaos of everyday life. We are here to help.