James Woodward

Licensed Acupuncturist

and Holistic Therapist



James Woodward works


Tuesday 9am-6pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am[6pm

Saturday 9.30 - 4pm





Traditional Acupuncture


Tui Na massage


Gua sha

Swedish massage





James works holistically. This means he looks at balancing the whole body like a chair with four legs is strong and can hold the weight without collapsing. James will tailor your sessions to your needs with a full consultation. He studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acupuncture at City College London of Acupunctured completing his licentiates diploma at degree in 2017.  James completed a Tui Na massage 1 year diploma at City College London in 2019. He has been workings as an assistant clinician in the student clinic at City College since 2018. Advising students with acupuncture treatments in the student acupuncture clinic. James, from 2021, is an acupuncture and tui na lecturer at City College London of Acupuncture.


He studied Holistic Therapies at Canterbury College and qualified for massage in 2007 and in 2008 qualified in reflexology and aromatherapy. He incorporates traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic methods and it has enhanced his practice and aftercare advice (this includes dietry advice). James has a love for music, art, nature, philosophy, spirituality and loves to enjoy life in the present moment.


James will work on the body using massage and aromatherapy. He works on the mind and spirit together with reiki, aromatherapy and Swedish massage. James first started practicing reiki in 2006 and has studied with a range of teachers with different styles. In 2009 James qualified in the reiki teacher level and in 2012 founded the South East Kent Reiki Hands on Healing School. He gained a lot of experience at Canterbury Hospital, James volunteered in the Supportive Therapies Department giving reiki sessions for patients who were receiving treatments for cancer.


He practicing Japanese style of reiki and even has his own YouTube channel with useful instructional videos for reiki techniques and discussing aspects of reiki.